Expert Specialists in Weight Management

For people who do not meet the qualifications for weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery), or who aren't yet ready for surgery, there are alternative options for weight management. Brigham Health's expert teams offer several weight loss approaches, including a medically supervised weight loss program and minimally invasive, outpatient endoscopic procedures.

Our experts address weight management techniques from all angles – surgical and non-surgical – and will work with you to identify your weight management goals and preferences to find the best weight management solution for you.

At Brigham Health, we are currently taking a comprehensive approach to prevent the spread of infectious diseases while we continue to provide the expert weight management care our patients need. Additionally, through Virtual Visits and in-person appointments, our team is committed to keeping you safely connected to your goals and weight loss plans.

To book an appointment or Virtual Visit with a specialist in non-surgical weight management options or endoscopic procedures, please use the contact information on the following pages: Endoscopic Weight Management; Non-Surgical Weight Management. Or, learn more about Brigham Health's non-surgical weight management options and endoscopic procedures, such as the intragastric balloon and sleeve gastroplasty.

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